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From Randall’s blog: 

So I’ve got this new record that I’m pretty juiced about. It is called Bluebird, and there are only 6 songs. I was hesitant about making a mini-record, but in this brave new world of music production and duplication and distribution, in the end it seemed like the right thing to do (that’s a different blog post!).

I remember the morning that the melody for "Bluebird" (the song) came into my brain. It was a really pretty day, and this is so rare, but I just started singing it. I wrote the whole chorus in the length of time it takes to sing it. It was so familiar that I racked my brain trying to figure out what song I was stealing these notes and syllables from. Stumped, and with a killer harmony part in mind, I gave thanks and started the work of figuring out what this song was about.  

I don’t know exactly where the guitar part came from either. My best guess is that I had recently spent some time in Houston with my brother, John Goodgame, Esq. Even after years of gift neglect, his competence as a guitarist quickly reveals itself when he finally does take a moment and strap on his pretty blonde Larrivée and pick a ditty. And subconsciously or not, I wrote the guitar part to "Bluebird" with John’s picking style. I’d never written a song with that classic pseudo-Chet Atkins-thumb-to-thumb-and-middle-finger bounce before, and the major-to-minor changes just sorta fell in there together with the melody that was coming out as the song worked its way to the surface.  

I've written complicated songs with many words, and I love "Bluebird" because it's so simple that I'm able to enjoy and rest in the musical moments as they pass by. I loved the production ideas that came out of Quinlan as he stepped in the stream, and one of my greatest joys upon completing the record has been hearing my 7-year-old daughter walking around the house singing that last line of harmony-become-melody that Amy sings to end the song. It is just right for her range, and it stops me like the lights going out when I hear her sing it.



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