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Clay in the Potter's Hands

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Most Christians have heard that God is the potter and we are the clay, but Diana Pavlac Glyer, who has spent countless hours at the potter's wheel, shows in this remarkable book that this saying is far more than a casual metaphor. As God hovers over his creation, centering us or shaping us or even restoring us from collapse, he may transform us in ways we never imagined.

"This is a really good book! It manages to combine depth and simplicity which is rare, but I think it is the way it treats our experience of pain and broken-ness which really sets it apart." Malcolm Guite, Priest, Poet, Chaplain at Girton College, University of Cambridge, England

"Devotional books like this one are rare; I don't remember the last time I read one which expresses the richness of Scripture with such simplicity, grace and practical application." Will Vaus, President of Will Vaus Ministries

"I recommend this book enthusiastically." Cynthia Nicholson, National Women's Task Force Coordinator, Vineyard USA



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