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Every Moment Holy: Gift Edition - 5 Pack

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Every Moment Holy: New Liturgies for Daily Life features original liturgies and prayers written by lyricist and author Douglas Kaine McKelvey, with original illustrations by Ned Bustard, an award-winning artist.

Previously available only in leather-bound hardcover or flexible leather binding, the new, smaller format includes all liturgies from Volume One plus a brand-new illustration by Ned Bustard for “A Liturgy Before Taking the Stage.”

Douglas Kaine McKelvey, an author, scriptwriter and lyricist, has penned more than 350 lyrics recorded by artists such as Switchfoot, Kenny Rogers, Sanctus Real, and Jason Gray. McKelvey explains, “Every Moment Holy is designed to help readers practice the constant presence of God and tune their ears to the eternal echoes that
resound in every moment of life. The church has long possessed a wealth of liturgies for sacramental occasions like baptism or marriage, but Every Moment Holy purposely shines a sacred light on the ordinary events of daily living.”

The Every Moment Holy series opens space for prayer and reflection in a variety of seasons and settings. Some liturgies are designed to be read aloud by multiple readers while others are crafted for personal use, read either silently or aloud. Some prayers are intended for daily or routine recitation while others are for use on special, memorable, difficult or even tragic occasions.



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