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Hutchmoot 2015 Audio Archive


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This 900mb archive of Hutchmoot 2015 contains nearly 24 hours of audio including:

Session 1:

Engaging the Gospel with a Biblical Imagination (Michael Card)

The Stump, the Town Square, and the Bar: Public Discourse and the Via Media (David Mitchel & Ashley Elizabeth Graham)

Expanding the Soul: Practical Spirituality for Artists and Other Humans (Matt Conner & Thomas McKenzie)

A Wild Horse on a Big Screen (Jeffrey Overstreet)

Writing from Your Roots (Jonathan Rogers & Chris Yokel)


Session 2:

The Dark Side of Hope: The Courage and Craft of L.M. Montgomery (Lanier Ivester & Jennifer Trafton)

Caught in the Middle: Balancing Your Art and Your Work (Eric Peters, Chris Slaten, & A. S. Peterson)

Moving Stories: How Tales Transport us from Doubt to Hope (S. D. Smith & Helena Sorensen)

The Poetry of Baseball (Carolyn Givens & Russ Ramsey)


Session 3:

The Imaginal Home: Cultivating a Faith-Shaped Imagination in Your Children (Clay Clarkson & Sally Clarkson)

The Sheer Face of Story: Why Writers Need Anchors & Grappling Hooks (Andrew Peterson, Doug McKelvey, & Heidi Johnston)

Through a Screen Darkly: Looking Closer at Truth, Beauty, and Evil in the Movies (Jeffrey Overstreet)

Desire & Simplicity: Talking Beasts, Van Gogh, Reliable Landmarks, and Walking Long Distances Alone (Russ Ramsey & David Bruno)

Humility & Failure: A Better Definition of Success (Ben Shive & Andrew Osenga)


Keynote: Walter Wangerin Jr.



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