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Hutchmoot 2017 Audio Archive


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This archive includes a staggering 1.1GB of audio recording (well over 20 hours) from Hutchmoot 2017 (so please only download when you have a stable internet connection!).

Includes the following 90-minute sessions from Hutchmoot 2017

Note: these are recordings of live events. Audio quality varies based on differing audio situations in different rooms with varying numbers of speakers.

Awakening Wonder Through Story and Song (Drew Miller, Janie Townsend, Andrew Peterson, David Radford)

Community, Incarnation, and the Magic of Theater (Pete Peterson, Matt Logan, Don Chaffer)

For the Health of the Artist: Balancing Life and Creativity (Andrew Osenga, Andy Gullahorn, Ben Shive)

Good Grief: Mourning As an Act of Worship (Janna Barber, Jill Phillips, Eric Peters, Carrie Givens)

How to Be a Poem (John Pattison)

Insistent Hospitality: The Radical Neighborliness of a Civil Rights Icon (David Dark)

Music and Loneliness (Steve Guthrie)

No Man Is an Island: From Individualism to Community (Julie Canlis)

Old Shoes and Ancient Rituals: How Liturgy Shapes Us (Tish Harrison Warren, Douglas McKelvey, Julie Canlis)

Outside It's America: The Legacy of U2's The Joshua Tree (Andrew Osenga, John Barber, Mark Geil, Matt Conner)

Sleuths and Spaceships: How Genre Fiction Makes Sense of the World (Carrie Givens, Jen Yokel)

The Art of Civil Discourse: Communication in Community (Ashley-Elizabeth Graham, Russell Moore, David Bruno)

The Art of Patience: Pursuing Creativity Through Failure, Struggle, and Endurance (Joe Sutphin, John Hendrix, Jamin Still, Ben Schipper)

The Cauldron of Song (Sho Baraka, Ben Shive)

The Consolation of Doubt: Reflections on Buechner (Andrew Peterson, Russell Moore)

The Delightful Shiver: Ghost Stories and the Gospel (Lanier Ivester, Andrew Peterson)

The Striving Artist: The Story of the Only Painting Van Gogh Ever Sold (Russ Ramsey)

In the Beginning: The Writer's Art of World-Building (N. D. Wilson, Helena Sorensen, Douglas McKelvey)



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