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1. Do Christians Need an AI Theology?

John Hendrix, Joe Sutphin, Don Clark, Trillia Newbell, Jared Boggess

Is Artificial Intelligence a new tool that makes artistic creation more accessible or is it cancer that threatens the very soul of humanity? Perhaps it is somewhere in between, no matter the answer, Christian artists and those that love art should have a thoughtful response when it comes to this new revolution. A panel discussion about the implications of making art and creating stories when human hands are no longer involved.

2. There Are No Hard-Hearted Sinners

Dave Bruno, Santosh John, Philip Yancey

Who is your favorite sanctimonious prig in literature? Come to this session ready to explore the villainy of self-righteousness and the unexpected spiritual sensitivity of sinners. We will discuss hard-heartedness in story and Scripture. And, we will find often it is the sinner who shows us the way to grace.

3. The Sho Baraka Show

Sho Baraka, Esau McCaulley, Tedashii, A. S. Peterson

Sho Baraka is a man with many talents, ideas, and interests. Therefore it makes sense that his show is a reflection of his disposition. Join Sho Baraka and his friends as they muse about art, culture, and more in this special episode recorded at Hutchmoot. The Sho Baraka Show may not be what you think but it’s more than you will expect.

4. Suffering and Loss Through the Lens of Literature and Poetry

Anna Friedrich, Zack Eswine

Poetry and literature have long been an art forms that explore and express loss and grief. The page, both in prose and in poetry, is indeed a hospitable place for us in our lowest times. In this lecture, we’ll explore together a handful of pieces from the poetry and prose literature in order to search out their comforts, challenges, and consolations to our common experiences of loss.

5. Shadows and Showlights

Mark Geil, Chris Yokel, John Barber, Matt Conner, Andrew Peterson, Jill Phillips

No band of the last twenty years has captured struggle and celebration quite like The Killers. This band from the sands of Nevada spins tales of majesty and humanity in a way that take captive our imaginations and our heartstrings and pushes the bounds of creative expression to ignite our very souls. Listen as the music of The Killers is brought to life through stories from Matt Conner, Mark Geil, John Barber, and Chris Yokel, and interpretations of their songs by Andrew Peterson, Andrew Osenga, and Jill Phillips.

6. Vincent Van Gogh and the Sacred Work of Stewarding Another’s Pain

Russ Ramsey

What if you were primarily know for for the most shameful thing about you? Most people, if they know anything about Van Gogh, know that he cut off his ear. What brought this visionary painter to such a place of despair and shame? And once we know the actual story of why he wounded himself in this way, what obligation do we have to steward his painful story well? This seminar digs into the circumstances surrounding Vincent’s beautiful and tragic final years, and examines how to care well for fellow sufferers.

7. Saints and Children

Kevan Chandler, Chris Slaten, Jennifer Trafton, Randall Goodgame

Kevan Chandler brings his experience with disabled children into a conversation with Jennifer Trafton, Chris Slaton, and Randall Goodgame as they discuss the healing, learning, and processing benefits of creativity for all children.

8. How to Make a Faith and Arts Community in Your Own Back Yard

Gina Sutphin, Ned Bustard, Stephen Crotts, Eddy Efaw, Titania Paige

A panel discussion with Rabbit Room artists who have launched their own creative communities, events, and non-profits.

9. Attuning your Philosophy to Enhance Your Artistry

Esther Meek

To be human is to be both an artist and a philosopher. As we express our creativity, we are involved in profound but simple philosophical questions about who we are, the nature of reality, and our involvement with it. All of those beliefs play out in our artistic endeavors, which means that it is incredibly important to “attune your philosophy to enhance your artistry."

10. The Hidden Life of Warren H. Lewis/ The Other Lewis Brother

Diana Glyer, Don King

A casual, interactive conversation about Warren H. Lewis, C. S. Lewis, and their legacy as authors, Inklings, brothers, and men of faith. Both Don King and Diana Glyer have spent their lives studying the Lewis brothers, and they have opinions. Whose views will prevail?

11. A Universe Away and Burning—The Life and Art of Thomas Kinkade

Russ Ramsey

Thomas Kinkade (1958-2012) wanted to present a more perfect world, and who doesn’t want that? But what if the brilliant light in his windows shone as it did because the house was, in fact, on fire. Wouldn’t we want the maker of that world to tell us that before we opened the door behind which the flames danced? It seems we would not. The truth of history tells us we would rather turn that world into a multi-million-dollar empire of comfort, suggesting it somehow represents the heart of Christian faith—a world that has no real need of a savior. Come hear the story as we ask the ever-important question: What have we done?

12. The Work of the People/ The Brutal, Beautiful Mystery of Creative Collaboration

Doug McKelvey, Chris Wall, Ned Bustard, Rebecca Reynolds, Jake Weidmann

In this genre-crossing conversation, the particular hardships and rewards of collaborative creative processes will be discussed by a panel of authors, songwriters, scriptwriters, visual artists, and more. Hosted by Doug McKelvey.

13. The Continuing Story of Flannery O'Connor

Jonathan Rogers, Jessica Hooten Wilson

Flannery O'Connor has published more after she died than while she lived, including Everything Rises Must Converge, Mystery & Manners, The Habit of Being, and A Prayer Journal among her most famous posthumous works. In January 2024, Dr. Jessica Hooten Wilson will publish the never-before-printed manuscript pages from Flannery's third novel, the one she was working on before she died and never completed. Join The Habit podcast host and biographer of Flannery O'Connor, Jonathan Rogers, as he discusses with Dr. Hooten Wilson the unfinished story of this Christian author.

14. Art Grows Roots While Artists Change With the Wind

Bailey McGee, Kyra Hinton, Jamin Still, Rebecca Reynolds

Artists change, even when the art they make remains the same. Artists may grow detached from, feel embarrassed by, even hate an older piece of their own work - Yet another person, an observer or appreciator, may love and cherish that same piece of art because of what it uniquely meant to them once, or means to them now.

15. Commodity or Calling

Janna Barber, Tomi Robb, Adam Whipple, and Rachel Wilhelm

The desire to earn money making art is hard to get away from in a culture that says the only valid profession is one that produces a reliable income. But for many artists, this desire is unfulfilled. Is pursuing your calling still worth it when you can’t earn enough money to support your family? Local artists Janna Barber, Phillip Joubert, Adam Whipple, and Rachel Wilhelm will explore this question while examining the lives and works of various artists, including engraver William Blake, rapper Swoope, and painter Michael O’Brien.

16. The Resurgence of the Heirloom Home Library

Breezy Brookshire, Kenneth Padgett, Shay Gregorie, Aedan Peterson, Stephen Crotts

A discussion on the values, inspirations, passions and motivations that drive the creative minds behind some of today’s finest Christian boutique book publishers. In a literary market with no shortage of inexpensive, rapidly consumable books to choose from, why do families still enjoy filling their bookshelves with heirloom quality books, designed and packaged with the finest attention to detail, and intended to be enjoyed for generations?

17. Hardwired to Sing/ Science, Music and the Spirit-ed Magic of Corporate Song

David Taylor

How can science help us understand what happens when Christians sing together in a common physical space? And what are the unique neural and relational benefits of singing? This session will explore how the Holy Spirit works through what Christians in previous centuries have called “the second book of God”: nature, or the gifts of the physical world

18. For Those Who Don't Know Why They're Here

Carolyn Givens, John Barber, Bailey McGee

Are you secretly worried everyone will find out you don’t belong here? Did you come along with a friend, but “creative” is never a word you’d use to describe yourself? Do you want to make things but have never had the space or courage to do so? This session is for all the souls who have found themselves here without knowing why. Bailey McGee, John Barber, and Carolyn Givens will have a conversation about all the reasons why you belong—even if you don’t believe it yet—and share some ways you might find your place in this community and beyond.

19. Between Eden and Eternity/ Place-keeping for the Kingdom

Gracy Olmstead, Amy Baik Lee

What Scriptural reasons do we have to "nest" and cultivate our homes and communities? What does Sehnsucht have to do with building up the kingdom of God? In this session, Gracy and Amy's conversation will touch on the themes of living like perennials, looking for glimpses of the new creation, loving the world around us through embodied acts of creativity and care, and carrying the knowledge and experience of God's plan into the here and now.

20. Christian Art is ... Funny?

John Hendrix, Andrew Peterson, Phil Vischer, Mike Nawrocki

A panel discussion about the challenges and history of Christian Art that is actually humorous. What ever happened to The Babylon Bee? Are politics off limits? Can humor about faith actually be an encouragement and not just entertainment?

21. Love for the Outcasts & Freaks/ Seeing Cult Films through the Lens of Christ

Ashley Thomas, Ken Priebe

Through sharing stories of their own film-going memories & experiences, from The Goonies and Sing Street to Beetlejuice and Rocky Horror, Ashley Thomas and Ken Priebe explore what the world of weird & offbeat cinema, from cult films to midnight movies, can teach us about outcasts and the marginalized and how to love and listen to them as Jesus did. While these films aren’t for everyone, what we hope to discuss is taking the aspects of the communities that form around cult film and art in general and building our own communities that reach those on the fringes around us.

22. Formed By Fiction/ Crafting Mystery and More(s) in Books for Young People

Mitali Perkins, Breezy Brookshire

Authors Mitali Perkins and illustrator Breezy Brookshire examine ways in which we can create good books for children and young adults that contribute to their transformation and flourishing without being heavy-handed or overly didactic.

23. A Tale of Two Trees/ Mediations on Faith-Keeping in Story and Song

Matthew Clark

In this house-concert-style session, Matthew Clark shares songs and stories from his newest album/book project about keeping faith together as pilgrims on the way to the joy set before us.



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