Resurrection Letters Vol. 2


All Things New
All You'll Ever Need
Invisible God
Love Is a Good Thing
Don't Give Up on Me
Windows in the World
I've Got News
The Good Confession (I Believe)

Russ Bremeier at Christianity Today:

“One track he’s an evocative poet, the next a storyteller, and before long he’s singing praise to the Lord—all within the same album. Though he resides in the same folk-pop vein throughout, he varies his scope from song to song (like Mullins) and thus more fully articulates Christian living than most of today’s faith-based artists.”

Laura Nunnery at Jesus Freak Hideout had this to say:

“If every artist received the amount of recognition he deserved based on talent, Andrew Peterson would have shelves filled with awards. Unfortunately, the industry does not work that way. Although Peterson continues to remain under appreciated, he is never miserly when it comes to producing quality albums that are honest, poignant, and relatable. Resurrection Letters Volume II is another page in a moving story that is Andrew Peterson’s musical catalogue.”

Unleash your inner folk singer. Or unleash your inner Christian karaoke singer. Or unleash your stereo's desire to play soothing background music while you sip tea and read the latest Rabbit Room post. Here you'll find instrumental tracks for all the songs on Andrew's Resurrection Letters, Volume II, including the bonus track "Have Your Way".

As an extra super bonus, the folder will include guitar/vocal lead sheets. So you can unleash your inner strummy guitarist.



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