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Slugs & Bugs: Sing the Bible Vol. 2


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Almost every day, I pray my kids will grow more aware of God’s love for them. Just like you and me, when kids know they are loved, they behave differently.  They transform.

I’ve been calling Sing the Bible 2 a “musical handbook for the Christian home,” because the verses give practical instruction for those transforming people.

Of course, without God’s love and transforming power, we are left with a bunch of rules we can never fully obey. That’s why this CD also highlights scriptures which bring to mind God’s presence and power, his limitless love, and his ultimate sacrifice.

Taken together, listened to (over and over) in the minivan and in the home, these songs provide raw material for the Lord to use to build strong faith in parents and kids.

Oh yeah, and it’s really fun and groovy.

And there are monsters.

And raccoons.

And a sharkbug.

And raisins.

So, why Sing the Bible Volume 2? Because it matters. Behind the catchy melodies and the random acts of silliness, we deeply desire to partner with families for their good and for God’s glory. A fan recently tweeted that our “songs and lyrics have become part of their family culture.” And when the lyrics are word-for-word Scripture, that can be truly transforming.

Do You Not Know
Let Your Light Shine
The Ten Commandments
The Love Of Christ
Whoever Sows
Hear, O Israel
Above Yourselves
In All Things
Do Not Worry
You Forgave Me
By His Wounds




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