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Songs From the Silent Passage

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For more than forty years, Walter Wangerin, Jr. has been a formidable presence in American literature. A National Book Award-winner and the author of dozens of beloved books spanning numerous genres from fantasy to theology, his is a voice that has made an indelible impression upon generations of writers and readers as it sings to us out of the often silent places of the world.

In this special collection of original essays, Wangerin’s fellow writers in the Chrysostom Society turn their gifts upon his lifetime of work to draw out that which has drawn so many in. Featuring essays from Eugene Peterson, Luci Shaw, Philip Yancey, and others, these essays explore the breadth and depth of a writer who has wandered through a passage and has returned with news of a far country. 

Essays by:

Eugene Peterson

Matthew Dickerson

Diane Glancy

James Schaap

Luci Shaw

John Wilson

Philip Yancey

Sara R. Danger



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