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Tales of Hibaria: The Master of Tides


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A young adult fantasy novel set in the world of Hibaria. A sequel to The Awakening.

Join Cora the Storm Orphan as she sets out on a quest to find and return the stolen Sand Coin, the source of power that protects her city. Without it, the city of Tarian will be destroyed by the Tides. 

But Cora has other problems too. Memories and nightmares, long buried, have recently resurfaced and they threaten to upend her world once more. Can she find a way to forget again? 

Follow along as Cora leaves behind everything familiar, as she enters an unknown world filled with people she doesn't think she can trust. Will she find the Sand Coin in time? Should she accept help when it is offered? Can she survive the dangerous Hornwood, filled as it is with a dark and brooding magic? 

Tales of Hibaria: The Master of Tides is a thrilling adventure story that features dastardly outlaws, a circus run by children, and nightmares come to life. It's also a story about a girl grappling with her tragic past and the role that friendship plays in her healing. It is at times humorous, at times serious, but it is, without fail, always exciting.



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