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The Dragon Lord Saga: The River Fox (Ships Nov 19)


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The River Fox is set to release November 19, 2021

"Scrumptious to look at and a blast to read." - Illustrator Ned Bustard

The Lord of the Rings meets Calvin and Hobbes in The Dragon Lord Saga, a graphic novel series from Jonny Jimison now published in full color!

Marco Millar and his talking horse, Scout, are captives of the desert nomads! Now it's up to Marco to stage a daring escape along with a friendly giant named Tombow, a nomad girl named Juni, and the enigmatic Queen of the East.

Meanwhile, the Dragon Crusade continues to press onward to the Eastern mountains. Martin, Lingo, and Princess Robin have been separated from the crusade and must race to catch up — but that laves them wandering alone through a territory rife with monsters, dragons, and the outlaw army of the notorious bandit, The River Fox!

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