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The Law of Gravity


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Brand New Song
Chloe in Pasadena (The Kind of Guy I Am)
Someone to You
In My Bones
I Haven't Either
Any Other Way
New Pair of Eyes
Sins of the Father
Money Where Her Mouth Is
Why You Brought Me Here
Bonus Song: Workin' Man

Here’s a run down of the track list in Andy’s own words:

You might be wondering what songs are on this CD. Well, let me tell you.

1. Brand New Song - this song actually is a brand new song.
2. Chloe In Pasadena (The Kind of Guy I Am) - this song gets the award for the longest song title I have ever had
3. Someone To You - I wrote this one after a Wikipedia “incident”
4. In My Bones - a song about marrow. kind of.
5. I Haven’t Either - have you ever lied all the way through a song? I haven’t either.
6. Any Other Way - one from my wife’s last record.
7. New Pair of Eyes - a song about getting peed on. kind of.
8. Sins Of The Father - about the things we hand down.
9. Money Where Her Mouth Is - a co-write with Matt Stanfield.
10. Resurrection - another one I copied from Jill’s record
11. Why You Brought Me Here - a co-write with Jason Gray

12. Workin’ Man - a song about my love for country music.



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