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The Stranger: Meditations on the Christ


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Palpant's second volume of poetry is a riff off of T.S. Eliot's character in Choruses From "The Rock," the one who knows how to ask questions. In The Stranger, Palpant attempts to answer the most troubling of all questions, "Where has God gone?" 

These poems offer ancient answers in a uniquely personal and contemporary way, exploring God's divine intrusion into our world in the person of Jesus Christ and his subsequent disruption of our existence. This book is one man's attempt to rise and meet the Stranger. Poetry that points our hearts and minds back to Jesus-sometimes humorously, sometimes fiercely, but always hopefully.

Ben Palpant is a poet, memoirist, novelist, and non-fiction writer. He is the author os several books, including A Small Cup of Light, Sojourner Songs, and Letters From The Mountain. Palpant writes under the inspiration of five star-lit children and one dog named Chesterton who sometimes curls up at his feet. He and his wife live in the Pacific Northwest.



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